At Telia Company I was part of a development team improving and optimizing the customer interaction touch points of i.e. all the communication channels, such as contact page, lead forms, social media, forum, customer feedback etc. 

Chat function.

One of the main business goals of this development team was to minimize the number of phone calls to customer service and of course to create a good user experience with satisfied customers. One of the available communication channels of is a chat function facilitation around 40.000 customer conversations per month. This chat function was prior to the redesign outdated and had a series of usability problems, so we decided to create a new one. 

Value created with the new chat design within the first months after release: 

  • 20% less customer drop of when waiting in queue for assistance. 
  • 23% less customer drop off when in conversation. 
  • Positive feedback from customer service having quicker respons from the customers in the dialogs thanks to notifications. 
  • The number of received customer feedback when completing a ticket increased from 3000-3500 to 4000-4500 per month.  

Among the improvements in the design were a pop-up design, enabling the user to browse without losing the chat window. To improve the efficiency of the conversation and to minimize frustration with the user clear notifications were implemented. 

An important part of the development process of the chat was to user test in the prototype phase and to release the MVP1 version of the chat and improve the functions with help from GA metrics tracking the interactions of the users. 


The customer chat function prior to the redesign. Notice that it opens up in a new window.