Different Perspectives is an interactive Virtual Reality demo using Google Cardboard to experience situations from Different Perspectives. Ever wondered what it would be like step into someone else’s shoes? To see what they see, hear what they hear? How would it feel to experience the world from the perspective of someone of a different gender, or ethnicity, or sexuality? Different Perspectives is an immersive Virtual Reality experience that uses 360 films and Google Cardboard to do just that. The hope of this solution is that the immediacy of seeing a situation through the eyes of another will evoke an emotional response, and elicit reactions that can be shared, and reflected on, in empathy building exercises .

The first demo was created to spotlight the problem with bullying and insecurity in Swedish school environments. The prototype was co-created with students from Mikael Eliassons Gymnasium to create situations that feels realistic and that requires discussion to interpret since the contexts were deliberately ambiguous. This way a discussion can raise awareness about how individuals reacts and interprets situations from different perspectives. Our team is myself, Fanny Lindh, Bruno Söderström, Pierre Reimertz and Karl Berg. 

Visit our webpage to find out more, download a prototype and to follow our progress!