CARNEGIE PRIVATE BANKING -Digital Strategy/Mobile application


Carnegie Private Banking is currently ongoing a complete digital transformation. Within this transformation an important part is to create a solid digital strategy with a solid roadmap.

The strategy was built upon deep interviews with a large number of customers to get to know their needs and expectations, as well as their current satisfaction with the service.


Within the digital strategy an important part is a mobile application to fulfil the needs of the high demanding customers. 

In short, the app gives the users’ access to real-time updates on their portfolios and see the movement of the financial market throughout the day. This enable the users to both follow their portfolios and furthermore interact with their advisor about possible investments.

The challenge and question asked when designing the app from scratch was “How can we built the same or even enhance the kind of trust and service that a personal advisor gives the customer?”.

The application is available both for iOS and Android and builds on the React Native. Download it here.