The Fire and Rescue Service work under an immense time and operational pressure, whether it is the on-site rescue teams or the command center trying to coordinate all the efforts that are occurring in parallel. As it stands now, the communication between the incident commander on-site and the command center is inefficient due to several factors. For one, the technical competencies of the personnel varies from well-versed to uncomfortable with digital tools. Secondly, actions that do not directly contribute to the rescue effort at hand – even if they have advantages in the long-term – will simply not be engaged because of the severe time constraints. This means that incidents are recorded insufficiently, which makes it often difficult to reconstruct the course of events that would be required both to improve the overall performance and for later investigations. Another contributing factor is that big accidents do not occur frequently enough to create a consistent learning curve on how to manage the structure and transfer of information.


The final design of the communication tool now called Instaboard consists of four whiteboards, two of which have a preconfigured template, and two that are left blank for the fire crew to use as needed. All whiteboards have unique QR markers in the corners that will identify the location of the whiteboard and send each photo into an appropriate folder when scanned. The whiteboards are used by the incident commander to sketch and spell out the gathered intelligence about the emergency at hand. It can be used to communicate the status of the current situation to both the fire crews on-site and the command center. The special markers on the corners of the drawing space are used by the provided app to recognize the corners of the whiteboard and categorize it accordingly.

Created together with Kinan Al Debes, Simon Nilsson and Anna Weiss. My focus during the project was mainly the user studies and to maintain the human centric approach during the entire project as well as creating the illustrations for the scenario presentation. 

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